Tutorial: Nitro Pink and White (French) Application on Natural Nails

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to apply Nitro’s Pink and White on Natural Nails.
  1. As you can see her nails of a few imperfections so we’re just going to cover that up with concealer powder.
  2. Normally we would use natural foundation to prime this client’s nails, however, because of her nail imperfections we’ve already used the concealer to prime it so there is no need to use a natural foundation.
  3. We're going to apply a layer of French base onto the nail so that we can apply the powders on.
  4. Using the French mould, we put in French white powder and we're going to lower the finger straight in to get the nice smile line.
  5. Then we're going to dip it into our pink powder.
    After dipping the finger into the French mould remember to clean off any excess French white powder around and under the finger before dipping it into the pink, this will prevent any contamination of the powder.
  6. After completing the first coat on fingers 1 to 5 go back and do it again to create a second coat before moving on two fingers 6 to 10.
  7. Now dust off all the excess powder around and under all the fingers.
  8. Now we're going to apply a layer of crystal clear to create a protective layer.
    Ensure that you don't apply to close to that the cuticle so it doesn't go all over your client's skin.
  9. Keep in mind to put a layer of activator immediately after dipping it into the crystal clear.
  10. Once the activator has set the powder, file the nails into shape.
  11. Now we're going to file the nails further to even out the surface.
  12. Now we're going to buff nails smooth.
  13. Dust away all the excess dust and apply a layer of activator onto each nail.
  14. Now we're going to get the client to wash their hands with water without soap and when they return we're going to dry it further with a paper towel.
    Ensuring that the nail is completely dry before we put on a coat of glossy top.
  15. We’re going to want to apply two coats of glossy top on every nail.
    Please do keep in mind not to apply to activator up again after you've already applied the top coat as this could result in the nail cracking.
  16. Wait 60 seconds and then apply and massage in the vitamin oil into the client's cuticle.
And that is how you apply Pink and White on natural nails using Nitro.