Tutorial: Nitro Chrome Powder Dipping Application

Here's a step by step tutorial on how to dip Nitro's Chrome powders
  1. To apply the chrome colour like a glitter use a colour base before dipping it into the glitter.
  2. Once you have dipped the nail into the colour, gently press down the powder around the cubicle so that it adheres to the nail better.
  3. Brush off all the excess powder around and under the nail before applying the second layer.
  4. After the second coat brush off all the powder around and under the nail.
  5. Ensure that the nails no longer have any excess powder around it to prevent any contamination towards the crystal clear powder.
  6. Next, we're going to continue to use the gel base to apply a layer of crystal clear.
  7. Ensure to apply the activator immediately after every finger, to give time for the powder to dry.
  8. Next, we're going to file the nail into shape.
  9. Now we're going to want to file the nails down further to make it smoother and even.
  10. Once that's done buff the nails smooth and brush away all the excess dust.
  11. Then apply a coat of activator on all ten nails.
  12. Then get your clients to wash their hands.
  13. Ensure that the nails are completely dry and then apply two coats of glossy top.
  14. And then apply and massage in the vitamin oils into your client's cubicles.
And that is how you dip nitro's chrome colours.