Your Guide To The Winter Nail Trends In 2021

Winter coming calls for darker manicures with abstract designs and loads of glitter to shine on these colder days. Feeling lazy to get out of bed? You need some motivation! How about having minimal nails that require less creativity, complex and effort but still look chic and pleasant enough to brighten your hands and your winter look?

Sounds hard to achieve? Let us do the hard work. We have rounded up five manicure styles that are overflowing on our feeds to take out the top spot in winter 2021. More importantly, the results of these styles are easy to achieve no matter you are professionals or not. Roll on to see them all.

1. Geometric Nails.

Fashionable geometric manicures are gaining popularity more and more. Representing the combination of interesting and non-trivial solutions of stylish office hours and everyday nail art design, it is the best professional nail service delighting with colourful and bright ideas.

A mix of different colour on each nail and geometric patterns creates an artistic look for your hands.

A multi-coloured geometric nail set which is absolutely your go-to in 2021.

This nail art is a pleasant surprise for those who like classic French manicure which is the bold experiment in nail art design. The geometric manicure combines many areas including traditional motion graphic motifs on plain colour backgrounds. It can also be added with a bold multi-coloured coating on each nail.  Make it even more attractive and extraordinary by combining different nail art techniques such as spiderweb, glitter gloss, marble, holes and matte-glossy coating!

2. Swirl Nails

Try out swirl art nail design – the nail art that has been popping up on social networks and sitting on the top trending list of 2021 nail art design. The art involves few curved lines either in one or multi colours on nails. It presents the free-style nail decoration and offers a something-to-look-at finish.

The swirl’s thickness and length are optional depending on how fun you want to add in your nail art. It goes well with whatever nail shapes you are looking for (almond, coffin, pointy). If you are after something that is not too simple yet too busy, swirl nail design definitely worths a try!

3. Multicoloured Nails

Why one colour when you can have more? Elevate your plain manicure by painting each of your nails with different colours. Having a headache choosing the right colours that not only looks good but are also trendy? Let us share with you, pastel and creamy shades are on the hunt for this winter!

Image via @Priscyla Baeno

The never-outdated multicoloured manicure is the mix and match game changing nail polish to die for. The combination of pastel shades with a touch of glitter is the equal part of cozy and chic. Simply paint your nails with your favourite colours, top them with a glossy top coat and you are ready to go!

4. Glitter Bomb

Getting excited to get your new nail art? Think about having glitter nails in the mix. Whether you paint your glitter polish lightly on tips or full-on bedazzlement, try mixing it with the plain deep blue colour – a trending winter shade, on each nail for an undeniable wow factor. Thanks to its glitz and glam, it is an all-year around worn that will always have a place in our hearts. Prepare for your overflowing compliments and Instagram likes when you receive the results, a sparkle accent which is super chic and minimal.

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