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Why does a high-quality E-file worth investing?

8 January 2021

The E-file is the multi-purpose handy tool which you should have one whether you are a professional or decide to do your nails on your own. E-files are one of the main factors to achieve amazing and time-saving results.

First, let us show you the idea of what the electric files are and how they work.

Electric file, aka nail drill machine, is a manicuring device made with a handpiece and replaceable nail drill bits. The e-file is the nail techs’ best buddy, saving them a considerable amount of time with each of their customers. From repairing the cracks to grooming nails, e-files use drilling mechanisms with metal interchangeable tips coated carbide and diamond abrasives designed to shape and buff acrylic nails. 

This handy tool does a lot more than you think. It has played a primary role in creating perfect manicure efficiently and comfortably for both nail stylists and nail polish lovers. 

By adjusting the drill bits and rotating speed, you can use the nail drill machine to work precisely to model and shape nails. Also, using the e-file is the smartest and the most efficient way to refill gel nails. 

Now when you have an idea of what an e-file is, let’s move on to the next section where you will know why it is important for you to get one.

  1. It saves lives!

Yes you read right, it saves lives for nail techs. Being a professional manicurist, you can be at risk having tunnel syndrome. Did you know that nail techs who hand-file their entire career are more likely to have the syndrome  arthritis, and other nerve/tendon/joint-related conditions as a result of wear-and-tear on their bodies? An electric file not only can do the work efficiently for you when you don’t have to put too many tensions on your movement and muscles but the advanced tool also helps you work more precisely on the flat surface that is hard to maneuver into tight areas such as cuticles and sidewalls.

A poor quality nail drill machine will reduce the precision and efficiency of old product removal and lifting, requiring more labour intensive. While a specialised e-file provides a full service which is 10 times more than what a hand file can do but requiring less physical exertion. 

  1. Efficient and comfortable

The best nail drill machine can perform various manicuring tasks. It can remove the dead cells around cuticles, calluses and ingrown nails, the artificial acrylic nails whether ordinary glue or phototherapy glue. What’s more, it rebalances the gel polish surface, reshapes thick toenails and quickly refines the nails tips, making a manicurist life easier and more proficient. It increases the comfortable level of the customers and the salon’s performance. While the manual file can take up to 30 minutes, with e-files, you only need a few minutes; and time is the most valuable thing, isn’t it?

  1. Multi-purposes.

– Removing the lifted and crack acrylics: These are the most common problems happening with acrylic nails. And with the help of the nail drill machine, the whole process is easier and more accessible. 

– Getting the nails ready for a full set is one of the most fundamental steps in artificial nail application. Doing a proper prep ensures the nails will adhere longer and reduce the possibility of any product lifting.

– Backfills: doing the backfills with the help of e-file can help you achieve faster and more precise results. 

– Finishing: if you are trying to achieve a smooth, even and natural finished look, the e-file is the perfect tool for you.

How to know what you should look for? Be smart with your choice

  1. Go for vibrant-free

You would want to minimise the fear level of your customers and ensure their comfort during your service. Choose the electric files that feel comfortable in your hands. Make sure the bit turns true so it won’t wobble or hammer on the nails. What’s wrong with the vibration? It will create the discomforts for the customers when she can feel the movement and repeated pounding on her nail plate. If the bits vibrate, it can damage the customers’ nail matrix. 

Don’t settle for the nail drill that shakes too much, nor having such a thing called “good vibration”. A good e-file shouldn’t vibrate much, nor the vibration increases with the speed. The vibration will distract you to do your job properly. If it vibrates too much, you can end up hitting the skin or other damage. It will also damage the arms and muscles of the nail technicians when you are trying to maintain control and a grip can lead to joint, muscle, and tendon damage.

  1. A good warranty and repair service does matter!

If you spend hundreds of dollars invested in a quality electric files, but when it breaks down you have no repair service, you’re definitely stuck! At Oz Nails and Beauty Supply, we provide one-year warranty and repair service for every nail drill machine we sell. That is to make sure that you will have no doubt in shopping with us.  Our technician team is here to provide you with technical supports and answer any question arising during your experience with us.