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Trending nail polish colours for Christmas and New Year

8 January 2021

Christmas is just around the corner and decorating your nail polish is one of the best ways to get you in the holiday spirit. It’s time to give your nails a VIP treatment by turning on the glit and glam mode. It’s the ending time of the year where you will spend time with the family, friends and your beloved ones. Dressing up your nails with festive colours is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your beauty look, and a great mani will set you in the mood. Because this year is a little bit different, having a stunning mani has never been more desperate. Whether it is an office party, end of season farewell party, or family union dinner, you will definitely be keen on impressing people around with the beautiful look, bringing the Christmas spirit to the room.

You have endless options when it comes to holiday nail colours. Either sticking to the classic reds and greens, you can go beyond for some unexpected shades like royal purple, nude and glittering grey. Create nail arts with our Christmas stickers, top it with some sparkly coat or even simply use them as a stand-alone colour. 

The list below will give you an idea to choose your festive holiday nail colours, get inspired and indulge in one or more shades! Let’s spice up the holiday!

1. OPI Berry Fairy Fun ($13)

Stand out in the crowd with a royal purple manicure, why not? Revitalise the nail soul with feelings of mystery and uniqueness. Match it with other glittering colours to go for the look of a spirituality, higher self and fulfilment.

2. Nobility NB183, NB185 ($12)

Never go wrong with the classic red and gold, treat yourself to the glit and glam. Put on your favourite dress, bring up your most glittery, party-ready manicure of the year. Stand next to your best buddy under the Christmas tree and “Say cheese!”, you’ve got the most festive photo.

3. AEON Gel 144 ($15)

Make yourself a Santa Claus by wearing this shimmering and vivid nail polish colour that brings joys and blessings to everyone around. Mix it with any other nail polish colours to be the vedette in the show.

4. DND 617 Porcelain ($14)

Who said you can’t go for nude shades on Christmas day? Prove them wrong. Nude shades are the colours that won’t stay behind the time. This trendy light pink nude colour from DND goes on crisp and bright will match any holiday outfit that you are wearing in this season. 

5. Gelish Soak-off Gel Polish Chain Reaction ($18)

Don’t consider yourself a traditionalist? Show off your sophisticated, elegant and stylish look with this glittering champagne-like shade. Challenge the classics and be the plot twist in the party room with the Chain Reaction from Gelish.