The Ultimate Nail Technician Supply Checklist For Beginners.

If you are an aspiring nail tech finishing your course and potentially interested in opening your first own salon, it is important to know about nail supplies to order and restock. Even though being a nail tech requires mostly skills and talent, having good nail supplies is one of the primary keys leading to your salon’s success. If you’re short with supplies, your outcomes will be short too. And low-quality products have a dramatic impact on clients’ experiences. They might never come back due to the bad services and products used in the salon, or they will come back again and again and refer your salon to friends and family.

The nail design world is constantly changing, and it requires nail tech to continuously update themselves with the latest trends and techniques, including nail supplies. Having proper equipment and tools will help improve nail tech’s performance and profession, hence the increase in the regular clientele. We understand that you’re new and it’s not easy to get everything at once so we have rounded up the must-have products guide that every nail tech can’t work without. This list includes all the basic things to get you started. Keep scrolling down!

The Basic Furniture:

  1. Nail Station.

The nail desk is where you and your client will sit to do your job. It doesn’t have to be something fancy but a clean and tidy nail desk station will make a good first impression with your client. All your nail supplies used to provide your excellent service will be put on this table so it’s important to have a desk that has enough space to store your basic nail equipment.

Before purchasing a nail desk, you should know well about your room/studio’s measures so that they can fit perfectly. Otherwise, you don’t want to waste your time having the desks assembled and they won’t fit.

2. Nail lamp.

Having good lighting is a must for all nail techs. It will decide the accuracy of colours and your work. Bad lighting causes a negative impact on nail tech’s performance which leads to bad results and potentially, customers’ dissatisfaction. Whether you work on small/tiny spaces such as cuticles/side walls or create an impressive nail art design, it’s important to see the details of nail design.

The Basic Essentials:

  1. Nail cutters/clippers.

Investing in a good quality pair of clippers will ensure you only have to buy them once. They are used to quickly reduce the nail length on both fingernails and toenails of clients to prepare for the next steps. The range of Nghia clippers/nippers can definitely help you with that.

2. Nail Files + Buffing Blocks.

The nail files help shape, file and prepare your nails for nail polish. Buffers smooth the nail bed to achieve a high gloss shine. Simple nail files and buffers are very cheap and easy to find, hence they are unskippable items for every nail tech.

3. High-quality manicure set.

A manicure set including cuticle pushers and scissors, etc is a must-have for any nail technician. A cuticle pusher is used to push away dead tissue from the nail for a clean and neat appearance. Good preparation of nail set will improve the results to last longer and look better too.

4. Nail Drill.

Every nail tech needs at least one high-quality professional nail drill, aka electric file. It helps you work more efficiently, especially with nail extensions. Working on nail extensions requires accurate and fast skills to remove products. The nail drill is also used for shaping, backfilling and cleaning the nails’ areas where a regular nail file can’t touch.

5. Nail Drill Bits.

When you have the right nail drill, you will need to think about nail drill bits. Different drill bits are made for different purposes. There are two most popular types of drill bits coming in a variety of materials such as ceramic and metal. Choosing the right bits for the right job will help achieve excellent manicure results. Learn more about drill bits here.

6. Nail system.

You must also have a nail system like acrylic, gel and dip systems with their accompaniments such as acrylic powder and activators (monomer liquid) making the systems work effectively. These products are the key to success in high standard nail art services.

7. LED Nail Lamp.

To cure hard gels, soft gels and normal gel polish, a good LED/UV lamp is essential. While LED lamp cures gel polish in about 30 seconds, it takes about 3 minutes for UV lamps to cure gel polish. Recently, the lamps combined with LED and UV light have been introduced to the market, allowing flexible usages for different types of gel polishes.

8. Variety of colours (dip powders, gel polishes and nail polishes).

Customers prefer going to the nail salon that has their favourite colours or an extended range of colours to choose from. Having a good range of products and colours also allows more room for nail techs to develop their creativity and design gorgeous nail art.

9. High-quality base and top coat.

Base and top coat are two of the unskippable steps in the nail systems to ensure that the nail polish sticks and the manicure set lasts longer. While base coat creates protection between natural nail plates and nail polish, preventing staining, a good top coat will keep mani intact, avoiding chipping and cracking. Gelish Dynamic Duo Foundation and Top are the two gel top and base products that receive a lot of love from our customers.

10. Nail removal system.

Necessary products for nail removal such as Acetone, nail/gel polish remover, cotton balls and foils (if you use foil remover).

11. Disinfectant products.

With the current global pandemic situation, nail salon owners need extra care to maintain the shop’s hygiene. Alcohol solutions are used to remove the sticky layer left after the gel curing and to disinfect the tools and equipment.

12. Nail tips and glue

Long nail designs are in all-time high demand, giving more room for stunning manicure designs. To achieve the desired nail length, nail techs need to use nails tips and nail glue for extensions before applying any nail system.

13. Acrylic and Gel Brushes.

A good set of nail brushes helps a lot when working with traditional acrylics. They come in various shapes and sizes so make sure you choose the right one you work well with.

14. Nail Forms.

Nail forms, nail stickers are to help form a nail extension without using a nail tip. Placement is the key with nail forms as wrong placement can cause uneven nails to your clients. Nail forms are often used with traditional acrylic or hard gels.

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