The Epic List Of Trending Nail Colours And Design Ideas For Your Holiday Season

Are you ready to get into the festive spirit and slay your holiday party look? There are tons of ways to get festive such as decorating your house, watching some Christmas movies. But another thing to level up the celebratory mood is to dress up your nails with a Christmas vibe! Giving yourself a merry manicure that brings all the glitter and glamour of the holidays is one of the most fun things to look forward to. Just think, every time you glance down to wrap the presents, eat all the holiday treats or unbox the gifts under the Christmas tree, you can get a healthy double dose of cheer instantly.

There are plenty of trendy holiday nail design ideas to choose from; from simple and chic styles to bright and colourful Christmas-inspired artwork. And of course, no shortage of festive symbols and motifs. A fresh set of Christmas manicures can be a conversation starter, a confidence booster, the last step to complete your OOTD, or even a just-for-fun detail that keeps you joyful during the season.

Finding Christmas nails can be super daunting if you’re overwhelmed with the wide range of nail systems, designs, colours or arts on the market. To help guide you, we have done the hard work and shortlisted 10 ideas for Christmas nail art designs, from easy nail art ideas (think glitter with french) to professional icons such as snowflakes, holly accents, string lights and reindeer. Keep scrolling down to see the most festive ideas of all time to spice up your celebrations.

1. Classic Red French Tips With The Hat of Santa

If you’re a big fan of classic french tips, you can’t miss out on this super cute yet elegant set. The traditional French tips have been taken to the notch by painting the tips with red colour. Get a Christmas twist with the Santa hat on one of the nails.

2. Matte Glittery Grey Nails With Snowman.

Who says Christmas nails have to be red? This nail design combines the gold glitters and a snowman artwork making it super unique and feminine. The matte effects with grey nail polish feel elegant and glamorous to wear to any party.

To recreate you will need a matte topcoat, gold glitter, white line art gel, grey gel polish/dip powder colour of your choice.

3. Glittery Green And Stick Santa Stickers


This impressive glittery green manicure with stick Santa will go all-in for the festive vibe. It feels super regal which is the exact energy you want to bring to the holiday this year. To recreate this, you will need glitter green nail polish and Christmas stickers.

4. Printed Snow Flakes On Matte Nails

This stylish set is undoubtedly the all-time favourite manicure set for Christmas. The gradience of the blue palette is painted individually on each nail and topped with the printed snowflakes to create the Christmas spirit. We can see it match very well with the matte top presenting a subtle approach. You can also wear this palette alone without the snowflakes for every occasion because it definitely guarantees turning heads.

5. Red And White Nails With Stripes

It’s obviously not Christmas without snowflakes, red and stick santa. This makes a nail design one of the cutest options for Christmas nails. You can also make a subtle statement with this chic look combining the red stripes and glittery white.

6. Neutral Nails with Christmas Lights And Santa.

Just try putting on this adorable design and counting how many engagements you’ll get! This is a gorgeous way to get your creative juices flowing. Paint your nails with a nude polish and add Christmas stickers such as Xmas trees and lights, some more white dots for snow effects and intricate lines to create different faces; this will let the artwork be easier to wear to various occasions.

7. Almond Nails with Grey Ombre And Jewelries.

A mix of silver glitter polish and ombre grey matte nail polish is definitely a head-turner! This set will be a safe option for those who can’t make up their mind which design to go with because now you can wear them all! These icy tones like dark grey and light grey with stick-on gems on top are perfect for a fancy holiday manicure.

8. Green Nails With Gold Foils

The iconic green manicure with gold foils on two nails makes a wow-worthy statement when rendered as Christmas nails.

9. Nude Nail Polish With Crystals

Whether you like ice or diamonds, both concepts used in this nail design fit right into holidays celebrations. This gorgeous manicure has a neutral nude theme with a pretty beige base. We love how the nail artist turns this manicure into one of the most festive nail ideas – glamourous, shimmering and dazzling.

10. Ombre Blue Green With Snowflake

What is winter without snowflakes? This blue-green set is such a delicate shade that is perfect for this festive season. This manicure look, with a touch of frost and glitter, is an easy way to get a festive look. You can play around with different shapes and lengths as it will suit any whatever event you might have.

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