Primer is one of the most important substances deciding the longevity of nail polish including gel polish and acrylic nails. The Super Nail Primer removes the grease and changes the pH balance of the nails, enhancing the adherence of the product. It prevents air bubbles and helps stick a design to problematic nails.


    • Long lasting
    • Protect weak nails
    • Keep the nails from discolouring, chipping and lifting
    • Create natural, strong and smooth looking
    • Flexible designs. 

    How to use:

    1. Prep the nail bed by removing the excessive natural oil using acetone.
    2.  Buff away the shine on the nail plate and apply primer to the entire nail bed to prevent lifting after application.
    3. Choose your acrylic powder of choice, be sure to roll the jar to properly disperse the powder.
    4. Dip your brush into the monomer. You’ll want to “burp” the brush and wipe off any excess so that all the liquid will sit at the end of the brush. Now, gently lay the brush tip into the surface of the powder and gather enough powder to apply to the entire nail for a single bead application.
    5. Once on the brush, allow the bead to look completely glossy before you begin placing it on the nail. When working with bead start a hairline away from the cuticle and move toward the free edge of the nail. When applying the acrylic, spread and tap it into the nail using the body of the brush and you can dip into monomer, if needed, during application to increase pliability. Be sure to tap lightly to allow for a smooth and flush application, this will help cut down on your filing time as well.
    6. Allow the acrylic to dry completely, you can tell this by tapping the end of your brush on the nail until you hear a slight clicking sound.
    7. Once dry, hand file the side walls and then go in with an e-file or buffer to smooth out the top of the nail. Once you are finished filing, simply apply a polish top coat over your colour acrylic.