Cosmo Dipping Powder – D560


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    Odor Free
    Strong & Durable
    Long Lasting Shine
    Looks & Feels Natural
    No UV Light Or Harmful Primers
    Healthier For Your Nails
    Made in the USA

    How to Apply COSMO Dip Powder:

    Step 1: Shape nail with a dry manicure by pushing back cuticles and lightly buffing the nail bed. Apply No. 1 Bonder to the clean nail.

    Step 2: Apply a thin coat of No. 2 Color Base over the entire nail. Then dip nail into Dip Powder Color of your choice, tap off excess.

    Step 3: Repeat the step 2 for the second time. And then apply No. 3 Activator over powdered nails. Let air dry for 1-2 minutes, then file and shape nail.

    Step 4: Apply No. 4 Shiny Top as thin as possible. Let air dry and repeat the same for the second time.

    Step 5: Apply No. 5 Vitamin Oil to nourish the cuticle nail area and then massage the hands to finish




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    Cosmo Dipping Powder – D560



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