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Aeon Gel & Nail Lacquer - #020



The duo gel polish and nail lacquer colour are made for you to choose depending on your preferable technique. With the same colour, while Gel Polish requires light curing, Gel Lacquer does not. Achieve the protective, shiny and fashionable look with a long-lasting wear up to 3 weeks.
Quickly dry in 30 seconds under LED lights, don’t ever worry of smudges!
Provide shiny and trendy manicure when maintaining your nails’ strength and longevity.
Protective, chip-resistant and durable nail polish that last up to 3 weeks.
Easy soak-off removal in 15 minutes.
Comes in a set of two with the price for one.
How to use:
Cleanse the hands, prep your nails by cutting and filing to your desired shape then buff them. Make sure to have happy cuticles, get rid of remaining natural oils on your nails before starting off.
Apply a Base Coat on your nail. This step is essential as it builds the foundation to any gel mani. Put your nails under the LED lamp for 30 seconds (the time can differ depending on the light you have).
Pick your favourite colour and start painting your nails. Cure the nails with the LED light between each coat and repeat the same step until you satisfy with the look of the colour.
Swiping a Top Coat over your nails and once again put them under your lamp.
Finish off with a few drops of cuticle oil for a hydrating treat.

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