Aeon Dipping Powder – #006


Aeon Dipping Powder – #006

Aeon Dipping Powder – #006


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Dipping powder is the reinvented technique of traditional arcylics. The innovation provides a professional look on your nails with an easier and faster process. No UV lights needed and odor-free, dip powder manicure is more durable while less damaging than the traditional gel or arcylics technique. A jar of dip powder is reusable without sanitation concerns. You can save money and time by doing it at home! We also provide the tutorials instructing in detail about the products and how to use. Find it at:……………

An alternative option for everyone to have a long-lasting manicure with less damages to your nails, not using the UV lights and toxic formula.
Easily done at-home, same result as the in-salon gel or acrylic mani, quicker process but a longer durability than gel polish.
Smooth and super-pigmented, lightweight on your nails.
Natural looking and mirror-shine like nails
Durable nails with the look lasts at least 3 weeks.
No UV lights required, good for your nails in a long run.
Easier and faster, dry instantly, time and cost savings.
How to use:
Sanitise your hands to have clean and fresh hand. Prep the nails by removing dead tissue on the nail, shape your nails into your desired shape.
Apply AEON Bond onto the entire natural nails. This step is essential to dehydrate the nails and remove excess oils that cause lifting.
Apply a thin and even layer of AEON Base to ¾ of the entire nail.
Dip the nail to the Dip Powder Colour of your choice a 45-degree angle and dust off with a fluffy brush.
Apply another layer of Base to the ENTIRE nail and dip once again to the dip powder colour.
Activate your powder by applying Activator and allow to dry. Then file, shape the nails and remove the excess dust from filing.
Apply a layer of Top Coat twice, allow 2 minutes to dry between each time.
Get it done by applying the Vitamin Oil to nourish the cuticles and massage it in.




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