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Aeon Dipping Liquid Color or French Base Refill -8OZ



Base coat is used as a protective layer to prevent chemical reaction between natural nails and the ingredients of nail polish. AEON Base can be used flexibly on both colour and French tips. A layer of Base coat benefits you more than you thought!
The best defence against staining occurred due to the chemical reaction between nails plate and dip powder/gel polish (dyes and chemicals).
Provide a pigmented, long-lasting and well-coloured nail polish from dip powder or nail lacquer.
Strengthen your nails, help prevent chipping and lifting.
Smooth out the surface for your nails to stick to easily.
Dries instantly, no LED/UV light cure required.
How to use:
Sanitise your hands to have clean and fresh hand. Prep the nails by removing dead tissue on the nail, shape your nails into your desired shape.
Apply AEON Bond onto the entire natural nails. This step is essential to dehydrate the nails and remove excess oils that cause lifting.
Apply a thin and even layer of AEON Base For Colour or French to ¾ of the entire nail.
Dip the nail to the Dip Powder Colour of your choice a 45-degree angle and dust off with a fluffy brush.
Apply another layer of AEON Base For Colour or French to the ENTIRE nail and dip once again to the dip powder colour.
Activate your powder by applying Activator and allow to dry. Then file, shape the nails and remove the excess dust from filing.
Apply a layer of Top Coat twice, allow 2 minutes to dry between each time.
Get it done by applying the Vitamin Oil to nourish the cuticles and massage it in.

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