NITRO Dipping Powder

NITRO brings an innovative vision into the nails industry. NITRO was established in America and time has witnessed its growth and evolution by building the trust of nail polish’s fans. 

With +500 available colours ranging from vibrant to neutral shades, Nitro is well-known for perfectly developing the most wanted colours on the market.

Its dipping system is highly advanced to offer flawless and long-lasting results. NITRO is an easier, faster and healthier nail application to you in a long run, compared with traditional acrylic and liquid gel. It has never stopped making progress to bring customers and technician’s extra comfort and safety to the nail table. With added healthily-formulated ingredients such as silk protein, vitamin A, E, B5, D3, Calcium, NITRO has taken a lead to introduce a Healthier Dip system – the most advanced less odour products to the world.