If you have a hard-to-open nail polish bottle, read this article and don’t force it open.

You might think that painting the nails smudge-free is the hardest part of manicure decorations. But that’s not only it. Opening a nail polish bottle that’s glued shut no matter how hard you try is another annoyance. 

Have you ever found yourself stuck in opening the bottle of nail polish? You do your at-home manicure routine: grab the bottles of your favourite nail polish colour, shake it but then you couldn’t twist the cap. 

Did you force it open physically both by hands and heavy duty tools such as pliers or a wrench? If you did and you could open it, we are glad to hear that you are ok. If you ever think of that method, please stop before you seriously injure yourself. Here is the best way you can try to solve a stuck bottle.

 Use hot water. 

Hot water is the easiest and quickest way to begin with the hard-to-open nail polish bottles. This method might not work for all the stucked bottles but it is worth a try at first before you move on to something else. The hot water helps expand the metal, loosening the lids and softening the dried liquid, therefore making it easier to unscrew. To do this:

  • Hold the lid of the bottles under hot running water (as hot as possible) for 30 seconds, try not to let much of the water touch the bottle itself.
  • Dry the lid with a towel and twist if off.

Another option is to dip the bottle into the hot water container upside down. Soak it for 5 minutes. Remove the bottle, dry with a towel and twist if off. 

Advice: While we recommend you to try this method to open a stuck bottle, if the mentioned method does not work, once again we strongly encourage customers not to try so hard physically to open it. If the stucked nail polish bottles have been used for a while, we advise you to get rid of it. If it is newly bought and not used, we suggest you return it to your seller so that they can personally assist you. 

Do not try other methods on the internet to force it open! You will not want to put yourself at risk just because of a nail polish bottle. 

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