Five Best-selling Dipping Powder Brands For Your Nails That Are Worth Every Penny

Are you one of the manicure addicts who are struggling to maintain your flawless manicure at home during lockdown 2021? Do you find at-home manicures tricky and frustrating when you can’t find a good dipping nail (aka SNS) brand that gives you long-lasting results? If you’re on the hunt for a specific shade then it must be tempting to go for whatever brand you find first. But if you look for particular SNS brands that deliver excellent results while home-use friendly, then it may seem like a bit more homework. And we are glad to be here to assist you with the list of the best of the best dip powder brands so that you’ll always have the perfect shade and formula for your next mani.

Dip powder nail system was introduced to the market with its superior effects and formula that provide gel-like shine and ultra-durable nails lasting at least 3 weeks without nail curing underneath the UV lights. For those who desire a more healthy and cost-effective way of manicure, especially home use, you cannot go wrong with dipping powder nails.

As the first supply in Australia to bring this healthy nail system to the market, we have experienced many dip powder brands and we understand well what makes a distinction between good and bad dipping powder. Let’s scroll down to see the list of our favourite dipping powder brands that scored the best performance in coverage, longevity, shine and chip resistance.

1. Best Overall Dipping Brand: AEON

AEON – a young and well-developed dipping brand has an extended range of colours and special collections that keep you up with the latest trends. AEON is great for its incredible value and high performance. The product is extremely durable and resilient without being as damaging to your nails as acrylics. An absolutely loveable product that’s suitable for a long run. Its quality, colour payoff and lasting ability will receive a ‘wow’ factor from you.

The best part: It does last up to 3 weeks without chipping, dries quickly with the activator and shines like gloss when topped with the AEON glossy top.

2. Best Shade Range: NITRO

Launching over 500 gorgeous colours with different trendy and seasonal collections, NITRO has received top scores from professional nail technicians for its exceptional quality. With its advanced odour free formula and healthy ingredients used in production such as silk protein, vitamin A, E, B5, D3 and Calcium, it is the simple yet healthy go-to nail application for both professionals and at-home manicurists.

3. Best Value Dipping Powder: Gelish

Gelish is one of the first nail polish brands to introduce a smaller size of dipping powders, which is a smart way to market their product line that costs less, has more choices and is friendly for non-pros. The Gelish dip powders formulated to be chipped-resistant and allergic-free provide strong and easy applications. The huge plus is its matching colour with the gel polish line so if you’re in love with Gelish’s gel colours already, the dip powder is an alternative you won’t want to miss.

4. Best Luxury Dipping Brand: OPI

OPI promises its dipping powders to deliver a durable, gel-like shine, odour-free acrylic alternative with weeks of wear without chipping. Most of us have heard of the impressive range of OPI colours such as Bubble Bath, Funny Bunny and Put It In Neutral. The great thing is that you can find the match of those colours in dipping powders as well!

Being the leader in the nail industry and with its exceptional dip powders, if you are still hesitant, you won’t be disappointed once giving it a go. OPI dipping powders are great for both salon-goers and at-home learners thanks to their efficiency and shine which are incredibly not achievable with cheap powder.

5. Best Dipping Powder For At-home Manicures: MS

MS is a line of AEON which distincts from other brands thanks to its quality and size. Inherited the superior formula from AEON, MS dip powders are designed to be more friendly for at-home manicures because of their smaller size compared with other dip powders. The colours match with the AEON’s range and are a perfect choice for ombre effects.

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