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While gel base coat plays an important role in binding your natural nail with the gel polish, top coat acts as a protective layer for gel polish to avoid premature cracking and peeling. The top coat is an essential step to finish your gel polish because it not only enhances the longevity of the gel manicure but also provides the shine like gloss effects stopping the colour from fading away.

There are two common types of gel top coat which are the non-cleanse and the traditional. The non-cleanse top coat remains as the preferable product for most nail technicians since it does not cause the tacky layer as compared to the traditional one which requires another alcohol wipe later to finish.

As a side note, gel polish and nail polish are completely two different nail systems that you cannot mix them up by swapping the gel base/top coat for nail polish base/top coat and vice versa. They are not designed to work together as the ingredients will not function as intended. For example, the nail polish can fully air dry without nail cure which gel polish does not.

We have been asked by many customers including nail technicians to recommend the best gel top coat, and the list of top selling gel top coats below are tried, tested and trusted by not only our in-house experts but thousands of other nail technicians. If you are new to the system, you have come to the right place. We’ve got it covered for you. Let’s keep scrolling to find out the best non-cleanse top coat for gel in 2022.


When it comes to the top-quality gel top and base, Gelish is a big name to mention. Its gel top has the premium quality that works effectively with any brand of gel polish.

Gelish Top It Off has the highest level of shine providing the hard finish after being cured which helps prevent nails from ugly cracks. It has been around since 2009 and we have never recommended them enough to our customers.


  • Easy and fast nail cure
  • Provides an appealing finish to your gel polish
  • Reliable brand with a more consistent high quality of products
  • Formula is greatly balanced which is not too thick or too thin


  • Slightly more expensive than other brands
  • Not a non-cleanse top coat
  • Stronger chemicals such as Methacrylate which makes them so effective. (though, they are proved and tested to be safe before being sold to the public)


NITRO is one of the top nail brands with the longest lasting and highest product quality. If you are already impressed with the dipping powder and gel collection, you will be once again amazed by its gel top coat. Since it is a non-cleanse top coat, it will not leave the tacky layer so you do not need to wipe it with alcohol.

The top coat does it best main function when making the gel polish adhere better to your nails and will not fade even after three weeks. It has an incredible sparkling gloss that you will “wow” after seeing the application on your nails. The reliable durability helps gel manicure stay in place without easily chipping or peeling for at least 2 weeks.


  • No wipe gel top
  • High gloss lasting up to 3 weeks with chip-resistant and colour fade
  • Compatible for any UV gel nails, acrylic nails and natural nails
  • Extra strong formula provides protective layer with a smooth surface
  • Available in a refill kit which saves more for nail salon owners


  • Can cause bubbles if you don’t apply it correctly
  • Stocks can be sold out quickly


Being one of the most famed nail brands, OPI is widely known for its top quality products and extended colour range which are globally trusted by nail technicians. OPI is unbeatable in terms of gel manicure. The iconic gel colours such as Bubble Bath, Put It In Neutral or Funny Bunny are so popular that they are always highly sought-after and sold out few seconds after being restocked.

The OPI Gelcolor Top Coat is a must-have item for many nail lovers thanks to its high shine and long-staying formula that delivers an intense colour for up to 3 weeks.


  • Strengthen nails
  • The glossy top lasts for up to 3 weeks
  • Delivering an intense shine with colour lock
  • Compatible for any other gel colour brands


  • Cost more than other gel top coat
  • A thicker consistency

4. AEON Gel Top.

AEON Gel Top is perfect for keeping your manicure shine level to the highest level as long as possible. It lasts for 3 weeks with a minimum downtime. It is also a no wipe top coat so it does what its name suggests – providing a super smooth top layer with a tacky-free formula after curing.

This is one of the best gel top coats that we will recommend to the nail technicians and of course, it’s gained excellent reviews so far! The first swipe will make the gel colour really pop with the high gloss finish. It can also be used with acrylic powders and other gel polishes too which is a great benefit that you do not have to switch to another top coat.


  • High gloss finish
  • No wipe, does not leave a tacky layer
  • Compatible for any acrylic powders and gel polishes
  • Great value
  • Long lasting without chipping


  • Gloss may dull after about two weeks.
  • Not too thick for some


Top coat is the key in a gel system to achieve flawless results. It decides whether your manicure will stay gorgeous for a long or a short time. It will keep your nails from chipping and colour fading for at least two weeks or longer. However, there are also different factors that affect the longevity of a manicure, including the technique and the products combined. Top coat does not decide 100% a manicure’s quality.

We would love to hear from you. Drop us a comment below of what your favourite top coats are and what you think about it.

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