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Chipped Nail Polish After Wearing For A Short Time? Here Are The Causes.

8 January 2021

Having a nice manicure can brighten your day but a bunch of chipped nail polish can have the opposite effect. It makes you look sloppy and unrefined. Do you love nail polish but you are always annoyed how it chips so fast compared to others? You spend your time, your money, your effort on a meticulous manicure and they start to chip within days or even hours. We know it is frustrating. There are many reasons contributing to the occurrence of nail polish chipping at the end of the day. We have considered the most common reasons in this list and explain what you can do to keep your nails from chipping or peeling off in sheets below.

  1. Not Enough Setting Time.

A manicure with proper nail applications including one base coat, two colour coats, one top coat requires six hours to set. SIX. HOURS. This is the most common reason why your manicure chips fast because you might not leave your manicure enough time to set. Try to avoid water after having your manicure done at all costs. That means you shouldn’t wash dishes, take shower or go swimming until the manicure is fully set in six hours. We advise you to do your manicure at night an hour before bed so it will be dry enough.

2. Your Nails Are Not Moisturised Enough And You Apply The Gel Polish When They Are Wet.

Stay hydrated!

If the surface of your natural nails are likely to chip or break, so does the nail polish, no matter how strong the bond is. The water on your nails will stop the polish from adhering properly. This could cause your nail polish to chip off quickly.

However, make sure your nails are not dehydrated. We recommend you to apply a thick cuticle cream or lotion to your nails and skin preferably at night to ensure a healthy hydrated nail plate. But don’t apply right before your polish application! It will stop the polish from attaching correctly.

3. Using The Wrong Formula.

Nails – a part of our skin system which varies from oily to dry – are not created equally. Some formula that works on others might not work for you. If your go-to nail polish keeps chipping or peeling off, it’s time to consider switching and trying a new brand. Another option is to bring your own polish when you go to have your nails done professionally at the nail salon so that you won’t be stuck with one selection that might not work for you.

4. Not Using A Top And Base Coat.

After consulting customers, we realised that there is a large number of customers doing at-home manicure without using top and base coat. It is important to make sure that you follow the essential steps in the gel polish or dipping system to keep your nail polish from cracking or chipping off. The top and base coat play a key role in lasting your nail polish’s longevity. The base coat acts as a glue to your polish while the top coat acts as a protective layer to your nail polish. It also helps to protect your natural nails from potential chemical damages.