4 At-home Tips To Maintain The Perfect Blonde Shade Without Trips To The Salon.

I’m a blonde, and in my 20s, I decided to go for blonde for the first time.

Having an Asian dark hair colour means that I had to bleach at least twice to achieve my desired blonde shade, and that was my fear holding me back from being blonde sooner. I was told many times that bleaching is the quickest way to have severely damaged hair.

I spent nights researching to prep for my appointment how to safely transform my brunette hair to blonde, how light I wanted my hair to be and what I should do post-appointment to maintain the perfect shade.

Let me be honest. Even though the blonde transformation – the most gorgeous Googled hair colours out there, will be a big change offering endless possibilities of new looks, it takes tons of time and money to take care of before, during and after the treatment. You shouldn’t consider having this hair colour if you mind using or investing in any hair products other than shampoo or conditioner. A brutal fact is that no success is gained from laziness, and it applies to this instance. You cannot expect the looks of Rachel Brosnahan, Emilia Clarke, Emma Roberts, Scarlett Johansson and Beyoncé if you think they only visited their hairstylists once when they first had it dyed. Blonde hair colour requires extensive care to keep it in excellent condition.

Ahead, I’m sharing all the information I’ve gained since day 1 researching to now maintaining the shade to get rid of any unwanted brassiness. Compared to other blondes, my experience won’t be considered long enough. My hair goal was to achieve the natural dream hue without spending too much money on regular salon visits. Through all the ups and downs, bad looking and too damn dry damaged hair with constant shed, I’ve made it.

In case you were curious, I have a combination hair type where my hair is affected by years of using shampoo and conditioner containing sulfate. The oily, extremely sensitive hair skin and dry ends have caused my struggle with choosing suitable hair products. I cannot go to sleep without washing my hair every other day (and we all know washing your hair too much won’t do you any good). If you have picky hair reacting to most new products, it’s a good chance that we’d have something in common.

After spending months of trying out different products for blonde hair, I found that not all purple shampoo, conditioners work as to how they are labelled. Some of them didn’t deliver the pigmented results I expected and my hair looked even brassier and more yellow-ish after using them. Below is the list in which I’m highlighting tips and products that actually WORK for my hair to maintain the light vibrant hue as long as possible without overpaying for neither expensive products nor salon trips.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional or a hairdresser. All information shared here is solely based on my personal experience and opinion. What works for me might not for you. Please consult your personal hairstylist if you require professional advice.

Haircare Tips For A Healthy Blonde

  1. Use purple/silver shampoo and conditioner.

If you have a pair of shampoo and condition containing sulphate, don’t hesitate to replace them with the right shampoo and conditioner, preferably purple.

Sulphate is the main ingredient used commonly in a lot of shampoo on the market. It is to create a lathering effect to remove oil and dirt from your hair. If your shampoo easily makes a lather in the shower, there’s a good chance it contains sulphates. It has the deepest cleaning effect while it can strip your natural hair oils which leads to dryness, lacklustre colour and your colour.

Bleached and dyed hair often sees an undertone that also appears as yellow or orange. A toner will be used to eliminate these undertones. A purple shampoo comes in as they contain violet pigments that will counteract this yellow colour. However, you should not replace these products with normal shampoo. Purple shampoo and conditioner or mask should only be used twice a week (if you wash your hair every other day like me) or once only (if you wash your hair less than my frequency).

These two are just to maintain the hue and eliminate the brassiness. As they contain certain ingredients to help “bleach” your hair indirectly, you can find your hair dry and shed with even scalp due to the overuse.

I have tried many purple shampoos and my most favourite is the Natural Look Silver Screen Shampoo and Conditioner. They are not only affordable but also effective in keeping my hues and nourishing my hair. I am always able to get rid of brassiness with these two. I pair it with the Brasil Cacau Shampoo and Conditioner for the rest of the time to achieve the shiniest smooth.

2. Treatment is the hair saviour.

For me, it all started with using chemist shampoo and conditioner which contains sulfate to feel the temporary nourishing effect after every wash. Hair mask, treatment and toner were NOT in my dictionary. And at that time, I just simply did not care about how my hair looked or consider the importance of taking care of it. Shedding for years and living with dry hair all seasons has got me started to care about it.

Hair treatment should be for all hair, especially a must for blonde if you want healthy hair. We have the advantage of having the world at our fingertips when there are plenty of options for haircare products specially formulated for blonde. They differentiate from normal shampoo and conditioner thanks to the ingredients and a complex that actually targets and reconstructs damaged strands. It has a blend of hydrating oils and vitamins to help deeply hydrate hair and restore vibrancy to your blonde hair. 

My favourite treatment is HI LIFT 1 Minute Deep Repair Treatment (on my lazy days) and Keracolor Silver Clenditioner (when I feel a bit extra for the day).

What I love about these two is they actually work. The Hi Lift 1 minute hair treatment is infused with Shea Butter and Coconut Extract to intensely nourish, repair and revitalise dry and damaged colour hair in only 1 minute.

Although it says 1 minute, I usually leave it on between 15 to 20 minutes by wrapping it with a hair cap while watching something to kill the time so that my hair can absorb all the goodness.

The Keracolor Clenditioner is properly the best hair treatment I’ve enjoyed so far. It is a convenient hair treatment if you are after an all-in-one hair product. It cleans, conditions and adds pigment to restore the vibrance. I was impressed with the results and I believe you will too. I enjoy adding my treatment after washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner to bring back the blonde’s integrity from the dead post-apocalypse. Kerocolor Cleanditioner is available in different colours suitable for targeting different hues and depositing direct dye pigments.

3. Always end with cool water and heat protection.

The frigid temperatures are scientifically proved (read more here) to help improve hair performance in terms of providing extra shiny, colour-maintained and smooth levels.

This is the hack that I’ve tried for a few years now I can really tell the difference. Start wetting your hair with hot or warm water to open the overlapping cells of the cuticle, allowing the shampoo to deeply penetrate the hair’s shaft and cleanse thoroughly. BUT always rinse your conditioner and hair mask with cool water to remove the excess product without stripping away all the nutrients filled and moisture you add to your hair.

It will help lock those ingredients and water inside the hair strand. By doing so, the cuticle layer closed makes light reflect better off the hair, in another word, adding more shine.

4. Use oil or spray to moisturise damaged hair.

I like using Agadir Argan Oil after towel drying my hair. I apply it before using the PARLUX ADVANCE LIGHT IONIC AND CERAMIC HAIRDRYER when my hair is still damp. It not only helps to dry more quickly but also provides a stay-in-place and smooth hair afterwards. Adjust your hairdryer with the lowest heat level. After it is 50% dry, apply the argan oil again and cool dry your hair for the rest.

My hair feels luxuriously refreshed and silky after this step. Try this tip and I promise you won’t regret it. The less coloured hair is exposed to sun and heat, the less damage it causes.

TIPS: You don’t have to, but I give my hair a thin Agadir Spritz Styling Finishing spray before going out of the house to protect my hair from sun exposure. The consistent use overtime will deliver the longer-term results around the damaged hair ends and colour.

Even though I have oily hair roots and dry hair ends, these tips really rescue me from overwashing my hair and surviving in the lockdown days to ensure my colour stays in tip-top condition. I don’t spend much money on salon trips, even before the lockdown. Unless the black roots regrow and I cannot touch them up at home, I need to pay for the hairdresser (if I could bleach my hair at home, I wouldn’t).

If you’ve made it to the end of this hair care routine, congratulations! That’s all I’ve got for you. I linked all my faves mentioned above so that you can find them and start your own DIY haircare routine.

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